O Mother

by John W. Snyder

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released July 13, 2018

Music created from traditional folk tunes by John W. Snyder

soprano – Kathryn Shuman
soprano – Lora Libby
violin – Megan Shung Smith
harp – Daria Sarraf
percussion – Hal Rosenfeld
electronics – Jonathan Snipes

album engineer & mixer – Laurence Schwarz
additional engineering - Kevin Jarvis, Jonathan Snipes, John W. Snyder
special thanks - Jai Young Kim at Feast or Famine Studios
master - Thomas Dimuzio

cover art – Nathaniel Smith


all rights reserved



John W. Snyder Los Angeles, California

John W. Snyder is a composer and pianist in Los Angeles.

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Track Name: Cruel Mother
There was a lady that lived in York
All alone and a loney O
She proved with child by her own father's clerk
Down by a greenwood sidey O

As she was walking down her father's lawn,
All alone and a loney O
She thought three times that her back would be broke
Down by a greenwood sidey O

As she was walking down her father's lawn,
All alone and a loney O
She says honourable Mary pity me,
Down by a greenwood sidey O

As she was walking down her father's lawn
Where her fine sons were born, were born
She pulled out her long penknife
And there she took away their three lives

Years went by and one summer's morn,
All alone and a loney O
She saw three boys they were playing bat and ball
Down by a greenwood sidey O

O my fine boys if you were mine
Sure I'd dress you up in silk so fine
O mother dear, when we were yours
You did not dress us in silk so fine
You pulled out your long penknife
And there you took away our three lives

O my fine boys, what will become of me?
You'll be seven long years a bird in a tree
You'll be seven long years a tongue in a bell
All alone and a loney O
And you'll be seven long years a porter in hell
Down by a greenwood sidey O
Track Name: Bright, Bright Moon
Bright, bright, bright the moon, shines on earth;
On the last day of the year
Buy some ginger; ginger is hot,
Buy some herb; herbs are bitter,
Buy some offal; offal is fat,
Buy some cowskin; cowskin is thin,
Buy some lotus; lotus is sharp,
Buy a horsewhip, a horsewhip is long,
And I'll spank your little bottom with it!
Now go to sleep!
Track Name: O Mother Glasco
O Mother Glasco where's yo' lamb?
I left him down in de meadow
Birds an' de bees singin' in de trees,
Po' little lamb say "Mammy"
Track Name: Abiyoyo
Abiyoyo, etc.
Track Name: Zalongo's Dance
Farewell poor world
Farewell sweet life

And you my wretched country
Farewell forever

Farewell springs, valleys, mountains, and hills
Track Name: Dodo Dodo Titite
Sleep, sleep my little one
Sleep, sleep in mother's arm

General Lacaros in Anse a Veau
Did not leave anything for my child

I have cut up my underskirt
To make dresses for my child
Track Name: Though Shadows Dark
Though shadows dark
Fall on your bed
Have no fear
For mother's near

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